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Audio Consultant of Haramain.


TOPUZDAG boasts an impressive and diverse client list, which attests to its leadership position as an audio consultant. We have successfully carried out projects for customers in a wide variety, from King to Princes and Royal Families moreover many industries, including: technology, finance, healthcare, professional services, retail, entertainment, the public sector, commercial real estate, architectural firms, general contractors, general developers, and Grand Mosques.

Learn more about some specific persons we assisted & some of projects that we have completed with leaders in their respective sectors;


HRH Late King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud          HRH s; Audio consultant of Crown        Ceremony in Madinah, Riyadh Stadium, KSA

HRH late Prince, Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Aziz        HRH s; Personal Audio Consultant, KSA

HRH Prince, Abdulaziz bin Majed bin Abdulaziz      HRH s; Special Occasion Audio

                                                                                               Consultant, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

                          Istanbul stocks ex. Masters Chambers, Istanbul

                            Ball Room, Taksim, Istanbul

                                     Orient House, Istanbul

               Necmi Riza, Istanbul

                                     Sedat Kamaz, Istanbul

                                   Contemporary art center, Istanbul

                               Chocolate Plant, Istanbul

                            Music Chain Stores, Istanbul

                                Jeans Chain Stores, Istanbul

                         Boyner Holding, Istanbul

                           Women's fashion manufacturer and retailer, Istanbul

                                    Private party, Istanbul

                                Textile Group, Istanbul

                           Nazire Dedeman, Personal Audio Consultant, Istanbul

                           Opening Ceremony Organization, Istanbul

                               Aykut Hamzagil, Personal Audio Consultant, Istanbul

                             Voice of America Fm, Istanbul

                                   Fm radio station, Istanbul

                          Eniz Riza, Personal Audio Consultant, Istanbul

                                 Tadım facilities, Istanbul


YILDIRIM MAYRUK                          Barbaros Şansal Personal Audio Consultant, Istanbul

 Topuzdag Audio & Visual Consulting previously known as TNT Sound Masters, Tesvikiye.


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