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Tekin Topuzdag at Haramain Mosques
Company profile overview

TOPUZDAG is achieving a leadership position as an audio consultant in Turkey, middle east, Asia and Globally. With a depth and breadth of experience in audio, we are adept at pinpointing the real issues in complex projects.

By spending time during the discovery phase to carefully assess project requirements, prepare budgets, and specifications, TOPUZDAG saves clients time, reduces costs, and eases stress. Because we are unbiased and vendor-neutral, we make recommendations that are always in the best interest of the clients.

As your project manager and advocate, we guide you every step of the way, from discovery to implementation. We make a conscious effort to create collaborative partnerships with all of the stakeholders involved in a project IT managers, facilities managers, architects, facilities management firms, general contractors and other vendors to ensure everyones success.

TOPUZDAG differentiates itself from other audio & video consultants in the following ways.

1. We have developed a proven methodology with user-friendly, succinct documentation that brings stakeholders up to speed quickly.

2. We use a phased approach:

3. We apply exacting standards to every undertaking.

4. We approach every project on a case-by-case basis and come up with a custom solution.

5. We take full responsibility for the entire project.

6. We embrace contractors, vendors, clients, and other consultants as partners, focusing on making everyone involved successful.

Company Mission

TOPUZDAG s mission is to maintain a position of industry leadership by offering its clients expert, vendor-neutral consulting services for audio systems. Our unique methodology, extraordinary attention to detail, consistent follow-through, and close collaboration with clients and vendors has earned TOPUZDAG the highest level of trust and respect among clients and stakeholders.

Core Values

TOPUZDAG owes much of its success to its unswerving dedication to its core values.

1. We maintain a high level of professionalism and a strong sense of teamwork with our clients, vendors, and our employees.

2. We value and encourage creativity and innovation. Our highly experienced team prides itself on its problem-solving abilities and innovative, strategic thinking.

3. Our team of professionals adheres to high standards of professional ethics. We are truly vendor-independent which enables us to deliver unbiased, objective recommendations and solutions to our clients.

4. We believe in relationships. We treat our client's needs as if they were our own, so we approach each project as if we are part of your team. Ahmad Tekin TOPUZDAG also strives to exceed client expectations. Our primary concern is to get the job done right the first time?on schedule and on budget.

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