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Tekin Topuzdag at Haramain Mosques
New Events
04/04/2013 -
Topuzdag Audio consulting has successfully designed and lead the installation of new piazza sound system of Prophet's Mosques (Masjid Al Nabawee) at Medina, KSA.
The new sound system consist of 140 pieces of JBL CBT 70J and 85 pieces JBL CBT 70JE speakers which powered by 32 pieces Crown CDI 6000 power amplifiers each of them bridged to 5000 watts output power at 140 volts.
Now pilgrims may enjoy massive 160.000 watts of pure power at Prophet's Mosque as an additional sound system. New system is operating at 100 Hz.-18.000 Hz. One needs hear to believe!

You may read the story at up coming issue of Pro Audio Middle East magazine.

24/03/2013 -
Topuzdag Audio consulting has been assigned to renew sound system head end at Prophet's Mosque. Present head end is operated by 1 Soundcraft VI4 & 1 Midas Heritage 3000 consoles as a main & standby along with 22 Klark teknik DN 3600 digital equalizers & many gates, compressors, effect processors.
After in depth study & design by Ahmed Tekin Topuzdag, new sound head end system has been ordered today. The new system will be running by 2 Avid Venue Mix Racks as a main & stand by.
Medina, Prophet's Mosque will be the first Grand Mosque in the World operated by live plug ins.

9/07/2012 -
Ahmad Tekin Topuzdag will be in United Kingdom & USA for three weeks to have meetings with Soundcraft, Renkus Heinz, Crown, JBL, BSS and Tannoy regarding on going projects at Prophet's Mosque. ( Masjeed Al Nabawee)
23/03/2012 -
Ahmad Tekin Topuzdag has been officially invited as a Muslim Audio consultant to Houses of Worship Technologies on October 4-6, 2012 at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Topuzdag will be speaker and moderator at Seminar & Conference Program for Key Leaders. IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd is organising the seminar.
7/06/2012 -
Ahmad Tekin Topuzdag has been Introduced in person to Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, chief of the General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques at His offical visit to Masjeed Al Nabawi.
24/02/2012 -
The bid for New Piazza Audio System of Masjeed Al Nabawee has been won by Halwani Audio, Jeddah, KSA. Halwani Audio will be main suplier for goods and materials from
15/11/2011 -
Upon Request of Riyasah of Prophet's Mosque, Topuzdag is designing and preparing bid for New Piazza Audio System of Masjeed Al Nabawee at Al Madinah Al Munawarah, KSA.
19/10/2011 -
Topuzdag Audio consultancy has renewed the contract as a General Superintendent of Audio Systems of Haramain
(Madinah & Mecca Grand Mosques)
1/08/2011 -
Interview of Ahmed Tekin Topuzdag is on Pro Audio Middle East Magazine. Here and Here

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